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Upgrade from to

Upgrade from to

I am currently attempting to upgrade by site from to so that the latest security patches can be installed. When I uploaded the files over the current installation, the entire site went to a 404 page error (store and admin).  And I was completely locked in. 


I reuploaded the files and was able to get things working. However, what is different about the version?  All files were uploaded correctly. So does anybody have any insights on how to deal with this issue???





Re: Upgrade from to

Hi, have you read the release notes of


There is a known issue in installations with PHP warnings being thrown, this can cause a 404 page being shown:

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Re: Upgrade from to

I have disabled every 3rd party modules, one by one, in hopes of identifying the module, yet the problem persists.  


What is the best way to identify the culprit?



Re: Upgrade from to

Hi @Nexobus,

Please check system.log file or exception.log file under var folder.

If you found any error than please share.

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Re: Upgrade from to

There is nothing listed in those 2 log files or any other log files.

Re: Upgrade from to

This is caused when the core error handler is called early in the execution, when you're not in developer mode, before the current store has been initialised.

It's due to the addition of the log file extension validation in Mage.php, which in turn calls getStoreConfig, which refers to the current store.

We had a legacy store containing a module with an invalid config.xml - so try checking all your xml files to ensure they are valid.

It also should be easy enough to find by checking the stack trace around line 247 in functions.php (where the call to Mage::log is)

Re: Upgrade from to

Can you provide a step by step guide to what you just wrote?  It is all greek to me.