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Upgrade from CE v1.9.0.1 to CE v.

Upgrade from CE v1.9.0.1 to CE v.

I have just scanned through the update documentation, but I'm not quite sure. Is the update from CE v1.9.0.1 to CE v. as easy as just using


System >> Magento Connect >> Magento Connect Manager >> Manage Existing Extensions >> Check for Updates >> (mark all available updates) >> Commit Changes


in the back office? Or are there additional steps (like database upgrade) necessary?


I only want to update my development environment, not a live shop, so I don't care about additional steps of backups, testing the upgrade on a copy or the likes. I'm still a Magento newbie so please excuse if that process is supposed to be straight forward.


Thanks for your help.


Re: Upgrade from CE v1.9.0.1 to CE v.

Any time a database upgrade is necessary, Magento handles that automatically behind the scenes. 


Definitely do make sure you test this first on a development environment. Also, because of how the database upgrades are handled, make sure that no one else is accessing the site when you start the upgrade - Magento has a habit of mistakenly firing off multiple database upgrades if multiple people visit the site immediately after you update it. 


As far as the best way to upgrade - using Magento Connect is one option. It's probably not the most popular option among Magento developers and it's probably not the safest option, but since you're experimenting with a dev environment first, yes, you should be able to update the site in that manner. 


If you have any core modifications or other improper edits to your Magento site, the upgrade may not work correctly. So - give it a shot in your development environment using the steps you listed above, and let us know how it goes. If there are issues, we can walk you through other ways to upgrade, troubleshooting upgrade issues, etc.


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Re: Upgrade from CE v1.9.0.1 to CE v.

I just read through these instructions for using Magento Connect Manager to upgrade the installation, but I'm not so sure about the mentioned tarball upgrade magento-core/Mage_All_Latest and the described "How to upgrade MagentoConnect Manager". There obviously are more ways to reach the goal, which one is the simplest?


How do I know if the MagentoConnect Manager needs an update as well?


Obviously I haven't tried the upgrade yet, as I first want to make sure I understand what I'm doing. I also want to be sure to get to know the simplest / preferred / recommended way on how to upgrade to future versions once I have our live shop up and running.

Re: Upgrade from CE v1.9.0.1 to CE v.

How to tell if Magento Connect Manager needs an update? From the downloader (MCM) look at Magento_Downloader Smiley Tongue


Upgrading through the downloader will work for you from to 1.9.1, you just need to test it thoroughly in your development environment. You would be safest upgrading the database in development and then moving it back to production. You don't need to select every package that needs updating, just select "Mage_All_Latest".


Upgrades get increasingly difficult the further behind you are. As long as you haven't modified any core files or overwritten entire core files you shouldn't have too many issues. It's not fool proof, there's always the chance something breaks...

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Re: Upgrade from CE v1.9.0.1 to CE v.

if you need it for your testing environment, just click upgrade and thats it. Smiley Happy

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