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Upgrade method from 1.9.1 to


Upgrade method from 1.9.1 to

What is best way to upgrade from 1.9.1 to without disturbing a custom theme and RWD implementation?


I've read this and understand the roadmap and recommendations :


I was just hoping someone might know of an even simpler way considering its only moving from 9.1 to 9.2.1


Re: Upgrade method from 1.9.1 to



Backup both your database and files (I cannot emphasise this enough).

Then you can use the connect manager to upgrade the files. This is a relatively minor upgrade so you shouldn't have any problems but i definetely recomend doing this on some sort of staging server first before trying it on a live site.


This will not disturb your custom theme but it may upgrade some files in the RWD theme. You are best looking at the change log between the two versions to see exactly what is going to be changed.




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Re: Upgrade method from 1.9.1 to

Hi @pawnbahn


The Best way to upgrade Magento is using Connect Manager. But keep in mind that when you are trying to upgrade at that time the file which are not same in new version that files are being changed, so your customization you have done in such type of file will be overwritten from that file.

So take backup before Upgrading the Magento.

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Re: Upgrade method from 1.9.1 to

Hi, we are in this configuration 1.9.1 to with flat product and category tables. We have an issue on migration with error on flat category tables that do not migrate bcs of foreign key issue. Still not solved. Any feedback on how to solve it will be very much welcomed!

Re: Upgrade method from 1.9.1 to

I think upgrading data via Magento Connect is simple with almost users. However, with difference between two versions, this way hides many errors of data loss when happen conflict. Magento upgrade extension of Lit-extension is other solution that is automated migration tool. Users can read more information about upgrade issues before upgrading data.