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Upgrading to latest Magento

Upgrading to latest Magento

Hi Guys,


very new to this so not sure if i'm in the right topic place but done a version check and noticed i am on


You have Version of Magento


to update to the latest version is there a charge to do so and how exactly is this done?


My web developer is no longer in business so i have decided to take on the website build ect myself.

i have access to the backend of my site but have no idea how to make mass changes to the layout design if needed.


any help would be appreciated and sorry for the newbie questions in advance.




Re: Upgrading to latest Magento

Hi @mvb12


You are using Magento community edition and it is free.

If you are familiar with the process of upgrading Magento then there is not charge.( Nothing to pay to a developer) Otherwise hire a developer who knows how to upgrade Magento.


Note: Do not try to upgrade your live site directly. It should be done on development server or your local environment.

Also do not upgrade using Magento connect.

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