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Version upgrade from to 1.9

Version upgrade from to 1.9

Hey all,


I'm trying to upgrade an old shop to 1.9.x.  I've tried several things so far, including just trying to upgrade to to start off.  I'm getting upgrade errors immediately with tables existing that shouldn't exist - like core_variable, core_variable_value.  I've gotten past that by dropping those tables as they're empty.  Though I'm not sure why they exist in the first place...


The one I can't get past, is it's telling me that "sales_order_static" doesn't exist.  I've checked our other Magento installs, various versions and none have sales_order_static.  Does anyone happen to remember having this problem, and how to get it resolved?


Re: Version upgrade from to 1.9

Hi @Smokezz,


If possible I suggest that you should migrate your data from your store to a Fresh Magento 1.9 as migrating from 1.3 to 1.9 directly would create many issues.

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Re: Version upgrade from to 1.9

The SQL upgrade scripts are not well coded. You will get a lot of errors about missing tables and colums.

Also with Installatron the upgrade is not going well.


Please do not waste your time about this! Do a clean install with a nice new responsive template.


The best thing you can do is: choosing another platform like Woocommerce or Prestashop.


When you need to do a quick upgrade or update of Magento..this is NOT possible.


Re: Version upgrade from to 1.9

You can upgrade your store from 1.3. version to the latest 1.9. version using standard upgrade process.

There will be a few specific issues during this procedure, but it is not critical at all.

Upgrade is described in details e.g. in this "Magento upgrade guide".

Please also check the troubleshooting section of the document, it contains the most common problems for the 1.3 -> 1.9 upgrade.

Also, the upgrade from 1.3 version is quite tricky and it is really better to contact some professionals with some good experience of the upgrade debug and fixes.

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Re: Version upgrade from to 1.9


Version upgrade from is some what tricky task as you need to take care of the below points.

1) Take the backup of files and database before upgrade.

2) After successful upgrade your shipping part, customer login part and checkout does not work. So for this you need to put some code which is already sorted by the developers.


Let me know if you will face any problem after upgrade, I will help you.





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Re: Version upgrade from to 1.9


you can do Version upgrade from to 1.9 . but you need to follow some process.

if you directly upgrade from to 1.9 version you will get lot of errors. instead of this you need to upgrade incremently like

step -1 -> to

step -2 -> to 1.9

then bugs will reduse and upgrade will go smoothly.

if you want any help regards bugs or upgrade you can mail me

mail :




Re: Version upgrade from to 1.9

As I know, Magento 1.3 is old version of Magento that exists many gaps. It seem to be difficult to upgrade directly from magento to 1.9 and higher version. Developers suggest users to upgrade magento 1.3 to 1.4, 1.4 to 1.5, 1.5 to 1.6 and from 1.6 to higher version. Magento upgrade 1.9 can be a solution to migrate data directly from old version to 1.9 for online shops, especially if you are using CE.

Re: Version upgrade from to 1.9

I'm doing this right now. Almost there but still one issue.


1) Backed up my DB & restored to a new DB.

2) pointed a new set of files against that db & run the install process

3) put my theme files in the 1.9 structure 

4) Put any extensions compatable with 1.9 there

5) fix any custom extensions


Only 1 bug to go.. hopefully.

Re: Version upgrade from to 1.9

Magento is the last version of Magento 1.x . This version is the most stable version 1.x. Extension system is various. The number of Magento 1.9 extension is higher than number of Magento 2 extension. I think upgrading data to magento is best choice at that time.

Re: Version upgrade from to 1.9

Hi there,


It is possible to convert Magento to 1.9


But Magento is very old. Might be possible some of the extension stop there support on Magento 1.9


Can you please tell me the name of the extensions you are using in your website. 


If possible please share the website URL.


If you have any other issue feel free to contact me on S k y p e.


Best regards,


Adrian Williams

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