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applied.patches.list file missing


applied.patches.list file missing



About 6 months ago I took over running our magento website from another developer. I have given it a new theme and customised the theme/header and a few other things but I am still quite new to magento.


I have just gone to update to the SUPEE 8788 but when I looked into it, It looks like it may have some conflicts with other patches installed previously. before I do the update I was going to look at what upgrades have been done previously but when I looked for the applied.patches.list file in app/etc/ and it was just not there.


Is there any other way to see what updates have been installed so I can avoid any conflicts and errors?


thanks in advance



Re: applied.patches.list file missing

I'm having the exact same problem.

Searched for the applied.patches.list but there is no such file in the app/etc/ folder


Any help would be very much appreciated 

Re: applied.patches.list file missing

Hi @JeremyWoodcock


Do you have your Magento code is in some repository like Bitbucket or GitHub.


There are chances that the applied.patches.list was not pushed  to the repository. Or it is also possible that site is unpatched.

You need to manually compare the core code as well as theme files with the previous patches to be sure that any patch was applied in the past.

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Re: applied.patches.list file missing

hi @muk_t,


After I took over the website our server decided to go out of business and migrate us to a company that didn't understand what DNS meant so I had to grab what I could and move to yet another server. The only backup we had is a copy I took off our old servers before they shafted us.


How exactly do I compare the core code? is there a list of changes in the code for different versions or something that I can use as a reference?


thanks again,




Re: applied.patches.list file missing

Hi @JeremyWoodcock


1) First you need to download the same version of Magento which you are using  from (If it is community edition).


2) Then on the download page you will find out all the patches which were released for that Magento version.

Download the oldest patch first then edit it with a editor and compare files with your Magento installation. If you do not find then changes there in the files then your are missing that patch.


Example : Suppose your are using Magento ver then download the fresh copy of it from the Magento download page.

Now it has the oldest released patch SUPEE-5344 , download this for your magento version.


>> In the patch file you will see lines like following 


diff --git app/code/core/Mage/Admin/Model/Observer.php app/code/core/Mage/Admin/Model/Observer.php


the patch file will be having code snippet like following


-                if (!$request->getParam('forwarded')) {
+                if (!$request->getInternallyForwarded()) {
+                    $request->setInternallyForwarded();


open that file in your installation and check for the code line preceding with + . The code line preceding with - sign should not be present in the file. (that is  if (!$request->getParam('forwarded')) {  )

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Re: applied.patches.list file missing

Awesome @muk_t!


thanks for the help I will have a look at it now and get it sorted.


- Jeremy