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hi there, help me

hi there, help me

Currently a lot of mission critical plugins (M2E,DHL Intraship,..) still don't support Magento 2.x

and obviously writing a completely new theme is a process nobody has the 2-3 month left over that

are needed to perform these tasks.

Givent the recent security issues, how long will there be fixes for 1.9.x and when do you need

to be finished with the update?


Re: hi there, help me

Hello! Can you please tell more about plugins that you are currently missing in Magento 2.x? You've already named some (M2E, DHL Intraship) but can you provide more tasks and examples of shipping plugins that are in your high demand? This info might help my company to prioritize backlog for Magento 2 and serve you with plugins you require. Thanks Smiley Happy