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magento image file permissions

magento image file permissions

What should folder and file permissions settings be?

Product image upload........... after upload  image submission..... image is  not displaying product image after image is uploaded.

However, the  image label is saved and the image place holder is displayed.


browser view of uploaded image is forbidden .

the url is proper

the uploaded image is located in the proper folder


how do you associate this process to a "group"  instead of making the permissions 777 ?


All of your good help is appreciated !!!






Re: magento image file permissions

Issue discussed in link below, SUPEE-7405 changed media file and folder permissions to 640 and 750 respectively, if your web service runs as a different user from the SFTP user, the files are now unreadable.

Re: magento 1.9.3 image file permissions

So Lets revisit this issue with the upgrade to 1.9.3 

Product image files are not even uploading at all after this update....


what should the appropriate file / folder permissions be? and why were they changed in this update? this is crazy.