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Configurable products: tier prices and attributes

Configurable products: tier prices and attributes

Feature request from gigadesign1, posted on GitHub Jan 09, 2016

Improvement suggestion.

I use a lot of configurable products in combination with tier prices. The configuration of prices used to be in the configurable product in Magento1.

Now in Magento2 when I want to update the tier prices of my product, I have to edit every single simple product. Since we have a product in 32 different colors and 3 sizes (so 96 simple products), this is not really user-friendly.

The default price can be configured by selecting a attribute in the configurable product. It would be great if tier prices can be configured there too! Or at least through mass-updates of attributes.

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+1 on this feature. @mindaji@davejina@codestr - please could you up-vote this feature via the thumbs-up icon at the top of this post - this will provide greater exposure to the issue and hopefully prioritise it; it's been on 'investigating' for 6 months.

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@tombates I upvoted the issue when I came across this thread the other day. I don't know how it's sat here this long, and had people posting on the thread requesting the feature, but no one had upvoted it.

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So, it looks like this might be achievable through the Marketing > Cart Price Rules section within the Magento Admin, though it's a little more complex and less intuitive than having the tier prices associated directly within the product configuration.

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@codestr thanks for the reply. I've just looked at the Cart Price Rules - still not sure if you can apply a specific price per product, per customer group.


Basically, in order to use tiered pricing on products, this feature is essential! It looks like we'll need to build something for this, whether it's a plugin or form of the M2 code. If we get anywhere I'll keep this ticket updated.

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@tombates Agreed, after having taken a deeper look into the cart rules, I couldn't find a way to associate a rule with a specific product and likely would have had to write at least 5 rules per product (1 for each tier), which would have been a nightmare when it comes to maintainability.


I'll also look into some options and keep this thread updated. It looks like this issue has also been reported on Github (, so Im going to comment there as well, see if we can get some traction behind the feature.


I really need this feature as well!

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@goodies Unfortunately I still haven't heard of any updates to this issue, but feel free to upvote the issue and share it around with any other developers you might know, see if we can get some traction built up behind the request.

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I developed a module to solve this problem.
You can write me a mail to get it
imdeveloper@yandex . ru (remove gaps)

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Are there any updates on this issue?


That's really annoying and painstaking that you need a plugin for changing prices and tier prices of configurable variants WITHOUT EDITING EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT SEPARATELY. Why is the price field of the configurable product disabled after articel is saved once? Why can variants not inherit price from Master article??