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2FA - Authy screen Country drop-down empty

2FA - Authy screen Country drop-down empty

Magento 2.4.1, I had 2FA working with BOTH Authy and Google Authenticator.


A 3rd-party extension @Amasty provider asked me to disable 2FA on my site temporarily, so I did via:

bin/magento module:disable Magento_TwoFactorAuth
bin/magento cache:flush

Now I've re-enabled 2FA by:

bin/magento module:enable Magento_TwoFactorAuth
bin/magento cache:flush

And now the 2FA - Authy login screen has an empty Country drop-down list, and which keeps Authy from working.


Empty Country drop-downEmpty Country drop-down

I have checked file permissions, reset caches, everything I could think of.


Can someone help me get this fixed - I really want to use Authy.





Re: 2FA - Authy screen Country drop-down empty

OK - I have figured out the problem, now I need some help to fix it.


It SEEMS like when I disabled Magento_TwoFactorAuth, it DELETED the CONTENTS of the tfa_country_codes table in the database.


That table is there, but EMPTY!


Then the subsequent re-enable of Magento_TwoFactorAuth did NOT RE-POPULATE that table!


So - can someone tell me how to cleanly repopulate that table in my database?