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2fa Authentication

2fa Authentication

Hi! Been seeing a material on 2fa being automatically activated on magento 2.4, but this is my view.


Any ideas? We have not touched this part the entire development :/


Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 3.36.05 PM.png


Re: 2fa Authentication

Hi there,


Please view Magento 2 Security Suite extension by Webkul. This is a complete solution to secure your online store against - unauthorized logins, brute force attacks, instant email verify, and Google 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for customer accounts.


  • Customers can set up the one-time-passcode to log into My Account.
  • Add trusted devices to enable faster logins.
  • Use Andriod and iOS Authenticator mobile app.

The extension has many other important security features such as:

  • Restrict malicious file upload.
  • Ban user country to view the Magento website.
  • Blacklist and whitelist IPs.
  • View server file permissions.
  • Prevent fake customer registrations with real-time email address validation.
  • Block and report abusive IPs.
  • Get email notifications for various security-related suspicious alerts.

Hope this helps,