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404 Redirects to search results


404 Redirects to search results



I have a custom 404 page named "404 not found 1" and I have the following settings configured in the default pages section of the configuration page:


Default Web URL: cms

CMS Home Page: Apple keynotes Maps

 Default No-route URL:  cms/noroute/index

CMS No Route Page: 404 not found 1

 CMS No Cookies Page: Apple keynotes Maps

Show Breadcrumbs for CMS Pages : Yes 


But instead of showing the desired 404 page it is redirecting to the search results page instead.

Can anyone show me how to get the desired 404 page to appear?



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Re: 404 Redirects to search results

Check this link, you might get some help.




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Re: 404 Redirects to search results

HI Manish,


I tried following the link but it looks too technical for me. 

The main aim is to direct the dead pages to the correct page i.e " 404 page not found" but it simply directs to the search page results.

What could be the cause of this?

Can someone show me what it is?





Re: 404 Redirects to search results

Thanks ,I got this resolved ..One of the extensions I was using was conflicting with the 404 page.