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A question from a new user of Magento

A question from a new user of Magento

My question is, on the "Sales>Orders" page. what is the maximum number of orders you can take on one range without spilling over to the next.

So if i had a store on 1000000000 range, does it cap at 1999999999 or is there a system in place to increase the number.

Optimistic i know but just curious.


Re: A question from a new user of Magento

Unfortunately, there is no such functionality out of the box which would help you about overlapping ranges. But, there are two potential solutions for you in that case:

1. Update last_increment_id in eav_entity_store or change increment_prefix field.

2. Implement custom increment model which will be used for producing increment ids. By default, eav/entity_increment_numeric is used, and it's defined in eav_entity_type table.


Keep in mind that integer overflow on 64-bit systems (I assume that you're using the 64-bit system) is 9223372036854775807, so any further +1 during increment will result in a negative value. I guess you'll never reach such number. 

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