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Additional Pricing?

Additional Pricing?

Hey Guys,


We are about to offer an option for a specific gategory of products we sale. Its basically, "You can have your product engraved" for $xx.xx!

Instead of adding this as a product, is there a way I can add an option/attribute to a specific product when the option is clicked (during checkout), you will be charged an additional $xx.xx?


Hope I explained that right. Thanks in advance!


Re: Additional Pricing?


I usually do things like this using custom options. That will enable you to increase the price based on user selection.


It won't (without some custom work) be editable in your cart though.


in the past; I have also hidden the custom option field in Javascript and present a more user friendly version for engraving.. (e.g instead of free text; display a drop down A-Z of letters etc..) the behind the scenes (still in javascript) change the hidden custom option to reflect the user suggestion.

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