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Admin uri is not accessible after cloning the vps


Admin uri is not accessible after cloning the vps


I cloned my vps with the fully operating magento installation. 

Now I have two identical servers, the only difference is their public IP. 

The new clone has no domain address pointed. 

When I try to access to the admin uri of the new cloned server as below: 


it redirects me to the 



After googling, I feel like I have to update the web_uri and web_secure_uri from the mysql database. But I don't want to use any domain name to access to the new clone. Could you please guide me to access https://public_ip_of_the_clone/admin_uri. Should I change the web_uri and the web_secure_uri from mysql? 


Thanks in advance



Re: Admin uri is not accessible after cloning the vps

Hi @hncr,

If you execute this query:


select * from core_config_data where path like 'web%url' 

You'll see the values configured.

You can replace, for example, the specific values with:


update core_config_date set value = '' where config_id = ID;

The new IP should be yours and the ID you'll get it with the first query.

If you are more confident maybe you can execute this:


update core_config_data set value = replace(value,'','') where path like 'web/%/%url%' and value like '';

Again, the IP should be your new VPS IP address.

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