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All Products out of stock


All Products out of stock


After a reindex of the website, all products become out of stock. 

I check some of the products and the following is true. 

  1. Product has weight and weight is entered.
  2. Source Status = Enabled
  3. Source Item Status = In Stock
  4. Qty = 5
  5. Notify = 1
  6. Product Salable Quantity -> Source -> 5

The above is an example of a simple product type that should be in stock. All sources are assigned. Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this issue? 


When looking at the simple product setup. There is no Global Stock Status option. For any of the products. Not sure if that is an issue? 


Version 2.3.4




Re: All Products out of stock

I went into Advanced Inventory option and changed manage stock from "Yes" (Global) to "No". The product now appears in stock on the website. 


Surely there is not the solution and there must be something else missing with the Inventory setup?