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Alternative method of payment question

Alternative method of payment question

Hello everyone on magento community

My name is Yago and while being an intern in a tech startup I'm responsible for developing our store. But the trick here is that while we want to use Magento we're not an actual store, our system is a loyalty program, and the web store that I'm charge has the goal of being the platform in which our final customers reclaim their prizes.  Is there some kind of module that achieves these requirements? we already have our database in which every customer accumulates their points. I want to be able to offer our products and the customers can pay out with their points.

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Re: Alternative method of payment question

Hi @yago_massiah,


Of course, you'll find several modules of that kind at the Marketplace:

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Re: Alternative method of payment question

Thanks for the answer @Damian Culotta, while the marketplace is full of plugins I couldn't find the one that fits the role we need. We as company want to be able to use our currency that we already have a database to consume from. 

I'm still looking for a business who fits the same role as ours here, but most of the content I have found is about stores that want to implement loyalty systems on their eCommerce. Our use case is that we already ARE a loyalty system that wants a store for customers to reclaim their prizes on it. I have found some content in the direction of coding plugins for Magento and implementing new payment methods, and I'm beginning to think that maybe this is the solution Smiley Sad .

Re: Alternative method of payment question

Hello @yago_massiah


you need to create payment method for that. on checkout page you need to call API for that.


if you get rewards points then show payment method for that, after order place you need to call that api again to decrease rewards for that customer.


Hope it will work for you.