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Attribute Sets

Attribute Sets



I'm just in the process of setting up Magento 2 (not used Magento before) and I'm not 100% sure how many attribute sets I should create for the products I'm selling. The new site is on all the categories have been set up.


Should I create different attribute sets for squash rackets, tennis rackets and racketball rackets or is it better to create one attribute set for all rackets (squash, tennis & racketball)?


And then the same for clothing, should I create different attribute sets for t-shirts, shorts, polo shirts, hoddies and tracksuits or would it be better to create on attribute set that covers all clothing?


Any advice or help would be very much appreciated.


Thanks Paul

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Re: Attribute Sets

Hi @PaulK,



That is a really good question. The reason for that is that you are deciding what to do with all the products and attributes based on the recommendation you get in the Magento Forums. So, you will move forward in the right direction, which will help you prevent possible issues in the future.


I recommend you to create one attribute set for the same product family (one for all rackets, for example). Creating a lot of attribute sets makes Magento slightly slower since there are more attribute sets to process for configurable products. The same happens when store owners decide to create a lot of customer groups, for example.


The recommendation is to keep that as simple as possible. Of course, the attribute sets you create should cover all the product families for your store.

Best regards.



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Re: Attribute Sets

Thank you for the response Gabriel, I'll start creating attribute sets for the product families as you recommended.


Just one last question. When I create my attribute set for rackets should I then create an attribute for racket type (squash, tennis & racketball) to be added to the racket attribute set? And also add a clothing type (t-shirt, shorts, hoodie etc.) to be added to the clothing attribute set?