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Attribute Value Sets

Attribute Value Sets

Is it possible to create or emulate attribute-value sets, i.e. to choose not only attributes, but also the values out of the global pool of values of the attribute?


There are about 350 different colors in my catalog, but the number of different colors in any single category is much smaller, somewhat between 10 and 50. Those category-specific color sets intersect, but they do not necessarily have subset relationships. I can create an attribute set for each category, and thus pick the attributes applicable, but as of now the color attribute will have all 350 values in each set. Is it possible to restrict the set of values in each attribute set?


On a more philosophical note, do you think it's a desirable feature, or there are already workarounds offering similar functionality?


The best I can think of is to map my 350 colors by proximity to a smaller set of "basic" colors and use them. However, most colors have fancy proprietary names (e.g. "Paradox", "Winning Red", "Pearl Vigor Blue", "OEM 11 YZ White", "Hidden Creek Autumn", "Honda CR Red") and it would be a huge pain to find out what they really mean.


Thank you.






Re: Attribute Value Sets

Hi @dilamat,


Using Magento OOTB you won't be able to get that kind of behavior.

Why do you think you could need that kind of restriction for attribute values?

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Re: Attribute Value Sets

Hi, @Damian Culotta;

I think it would improve usability of the admin interface. As it works now, when I create a new product I'm faced with a 350-lines long select list for the color attribute, and most of those values (90-95%) become inapplicable as soon as I choose a category for the product. It becomes even more cumbersome if the color attribute is multi-valued, in which case selected values can be very widely spaced.