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Attribute not listed in "update atributes"

Attribute not listed in "update atributes"

hey there. 

i have an issue that attribute is not listed when i try to bulk update products with "update attributes"

Previously i never selected country of the manufacturer and recently decided would be good to have this info.


but when i select 100 or so products and try to bulk update attributes the country of the manufacturer is not listed there.

neither the other attribute i created.

Why is this?

those attributes assigned to the attribute set, even try to set required value to yes. but still does not lits in "update attributes'





Re: Attribute not listed in "update atributes"

Hello @mantas_bernatav 


I think the reason behind it is Attribute Set which does not have that attribute which you want to assign.


It will always show common attributes from Attributes set 


Make sure you are in the right direction.



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Re: Attribute not listed in "update atributes"

I know this is a couple of years old but, If you bulk update a list of products where some of the product types are virtual the country_of_manufacture attribute will not show as this attribute only applies to simple,bundle,configurable,grouped products.


Hope this helps someone !