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Auto Generate Coupons Returns NO Coupons

Auto Generate Coupons Returns NO Coupons

I have gone through the steps to use the auto generate coupon feature. When I click the Generate button it says "X Amount of Coupon(s) Generated", however there are no coupons created. Under the coupon rule where it should list the coupons it says "We couldn't find any records".


I'm having this same issue on a 2.1.x site I'm running, as well as a 2.2.x site I'm currently working on. Both sites are on the same server.


I can't seem to find any solutions online. Does anyone have any ideas I could try?


Thanks in advance. 


Re: Auto Generate Coupons Returns NO Coupons

Seems like you are misunderstanding this functioning. Can you send a screen-shot so that we can see exactly where you are talking about and which generate feature you are using.

Just a quick reference when you auto generate coupon code do check this section "Manage Coupon Codes " here you need to click generate button and make sure there is no error in console. Qty should be preset here. If that is already done please check the ajax response and send your request and response of Ajax and make sure you have tried reset all filters in table as well.