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BOGO coupon based on quantity breaks

BOGO coupon based on quantity breaks

I'm setting up a new website for our winery and I'm having trouble with getting our BOGO discount to work. We sell wine by the bottle, but offer the BOGO for case quantities. There are 12 bottles per case so we want to give BOGO discounts based on quantity multiples of 24. Buy 24 bottles get 12 free, buy 48 bottles and get 24 free. It is based on total quantity of bottles from the category of wine. This can be combination of wines, it just counts the total bottles.


I'm using the Community Version 2.0.4 and I can apply the BOGO rules for a coupon, but I can't seem to figure a way to only apply it to quantities of 24. I can get it to do a BOGO for quantity greater than 24, but if you add 26 you then get 13 bottles free. I can do it for the specific number of 24, but then if you get 25 it does not give any discount.


I tried setting up a case of wine as a separate product so I could just BOGO those items, but it won't let me pick specific items, it only let's me pick categories. So I would have to have Wines by Case as a category (which I don't want to do).


I really want to figure a way for it to give the discount based on total quantity increments of 24. Any suggestions?




Re: BOGO coupon based on quantity breaks

Hi, so a promotional rule such as below doesn't work for you? 


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.42.00.png


And then further down on that screen you'll just enter the category this applies to..


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.42.55.png

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Re: BOGO coupon based on quantity breaks

Hi psoberg,


No, for some reason that does not work, I tried it several times. It only seems to work with a setting of 1 to 1. I'm going to install the old version 1.9 and try working with that, from what I'm told there might be some plugins for it.