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Backend productgrid thumbnails. Broken link due to incorrect domain

Backend productgrid thumbnails. Broken link due to incorrect domain

We have a M2 multistore setup with 2 stores. One of the stores is called beta, the url of this domain is  The admin domain url is


When I login to the admin, the thumbnail image url in the product grid should be but instead it has the wrong url of, resulting in not displaying the images. In product detail the thumbnail image looks fine.


Seems like the admin domain is not finding the correct domain (should be and for some reason chooses beta?


In nginx we put a mapping for default to '' and for beta to store: beta

Store selector on frontend is working fine.


What could be the issue?









Re: Backend productgrid thumbnails. Broken link due to incorrect domain

Hello @Clougistic 


  1. Ensure correct base URLs:

    • Go to each store's configuration by navigating to Stores > Settings > Configuration.
    • Select the appropriate store view from the "Store View" dropdown in the upper-left corner.
    • In the configuration sidebar, click on "General" and then "Web".
    • Verify that the Base URLs for each store are correctly set to, including the "Secure" URLs if you have HTTPS enabled.
    • Save the configuration for each store.
  2. Check your nginx configuration:

    • In your nginx configuration file, make sure you have correctly set up the server block for the admin domain (
    • Confirm that the server block for is correctly mapped to the "beta" store using the appropriate configuration directives.
    • Restart nginx to apply the changes.
  3. Clear cache:

    • Clear the Magento cache by running the command bin/magento cache:clean from the root directory of your Magento installation.
    • If you have any additional cache layers (such as Varnish or Redis), clear those caches as well.
  4. Flush image cache:

    • Run the command bin/magento catalog:image:resize from the root directory of your Magento installation to regenerate the resized product images.
    • This command will ensure that the correct URLs are used for the thumbnail images in the admin panel.
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Re: Backend productgrid thumbnails. Broken link due to incorrect domain

This sounds like an issue with the media URL generation in the Magento 2 multi-store setup.

A few things to check:

- In the Magento admin, under Stores > Configuration > General > Web, ensure the "Base Media URL" is set correctly to for the default store view.

- Check if you have configured the media storage under different domain names for each store. The media storage should be on the same main domain (

- Verify that in your nginx config, the media folder is being mapped correctly to the domain for all stores.

- Clear the cache and reindex to refresh the product image URLs.

- Check if any custom code is overriding the media URL generation for the product thumbnails specifically on the admin store.

- As a workaround, you can try setting the "Base Media URL" for the "beta" store view to also use

Usually the core issue is that the media URL is incorrectly configured or mapped for the multi-store setup. Going through the media configurations and verifying the domain mapping should help resolve it.