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Bar Codes

Bar Codes

I want to add product bar codes to our Magento inventory. This was never done when we set up the website, but we now want to synchronize with Amazon/ebay using a plug-in.

Any advice please?


Re: Bar Codes

Hi @Goldenbolls,

Please take a look at this extension:



Best regards.

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Re: Bar Codes

Hi Gabriel

Thanks for the input. I'm not sure this extension is what I'm looking for.

I want to associate all my products, already listed, to the relevant bar codes. This would involve a scanner which identifies the full product detail. Maybe I just need to manually list; seems a long job.




Re: Bar Codes

If you have a list of barcode values (like EANor UPC), you can create new attribute in Magento - like EAN. Then export your existing Magento products with SKUs, EAN field and related data and fill in eans/barcodes for this products. Import goods back to assign values to products.


If this is not exactly the case, please, explain in what format you currently have barcodes.

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Re: Bar Codes

Regret we may sound a bit shambolic. When the website was created we failed to see importance of bar codes and these were not listed. We are now looking to synchronise the inventory for multi-channel sales, so trying to determine the most straightforward method of including bar codes for all our products (shoes), necessary for Amazon etc.

It seems our option is to list all bar codes against simple product details by adding a bar code tab??