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Best operating system for magento

Best operating system for magento

Hello !


I have wanted to switch our site to magento for a long time but I want to be free of third party hosting and cheap servers, I want to host it myself and I know I can get it done if I work on it consistently as a side project.


First question, what is the best OS to run magento on, I was told previously CENT OS7 and I installed that on my test server and there is nothing but problems, every video I watch is either on a virtual or emulated server that returns different results or does not show the errors I have, therefore I cannot follow along with it. too many workarounds and problems right from the beginning for me to really move forward.


I have no preference in operating system and I would like to use whatever is the best, I am starting from SCRATCH so if you have preferences or video links or tips to help me choose an OS please link it : )


I got apache in and my sql and Mariah DB and I don't want to continue because again, all I see are problems, and if I'm having problems this early I think its a good time to take a look at what I'm trying to do here.


Halp : )

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Re: Best operating system for magento

Most Linux distributions should be fine for Magento. 


If you are facing issues with CentOS 7, maybe try CentOS 6 instead as it is more stable? 


You can find the system requirements for Magento 2.0 and 2.1 here:-

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Best operating system for magento

Hi, I'm no magento expert yet, but here my few thougts...

What is the best OS is hard do say without putting this into right perspective, or better what parameters do you measure when deciding which one is the best. When I was deciding where to put Magento on I thougt about these things:

1) Which linux distro do I use most and have most experiences with?

2) Is this distro one of major distributions, which are widely used and have updates and support?

3) Try googling for something like "install magento linux", wich distros do you get? This way you can be sure to find enough tutorials and other material online.

4) I would recommend Magento 2.1, therefore php 7, because it is proven to be much faster than php 5.


Hope this helps a little.

Re: Best operating system for magento

OK Let me put some more info, I appreciate your responses and I value all input.



I have no experience with Linux at all, the issue I'm having is simple, I made a CENT OS CD and installed it, I googled videos and guides on how to install different things and found too many differences to continue, commands don't work and software gives different responses then people are getting on their videos so I was unable to continue.


Once the lamp server is active I wont be touching things much so I have no personal preference on OS, but our site will peak at around 50,000 products and have many product attributes and I do not want lag, I want it to be crisp looking and fast.


We are trying to get away from third party hosting providers because they do not let you pick your machine / hardware and want you to have some crappy rack machine and put it in a datacenter with too much traffic and not enough bandwidth.


I also want to be able to add products locally and have it be fast fast fast !!


I also have not come close to even installing magento yet but I assume I would install the latest.



Re: Best operating system for magento

Are you planning to host your website from your own computer? 


If you are not familiar with Linux or server management, I wouldn't recommend that you run this for a production environment because managing a server takes time and experience. You not only need to setup the OS but also install all the necessary software, optimize them, secure the server and troubleshoot issues that crop up. 


What you are doing is fine if you intend to setup a test environment but running a production environment this way will give you a lot of problems down the road and it will also be a huge security risk if you intend to take payments from your website. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Best operating system for magento

I have already installed all the necessary software and optimization on our server sitting in a godaddy datacenter, i have installed all the patches and zencart, as well as all the security tools and everything else.


Want to talk about security risks? try accepting payments i a shared datacenter.


It does not matter how familiar i am with linux, im doing this no matter what, i am looking for advice from people who host live websites their preference in OS for magento.


The absolute worst thing any business can do is have their site hosted in a datacenter or cloud, i also see by your sig you sell exactly that and are discouraging me from doing what i want, so please dont reply again in this thread.

Re: Best operating system for magento

So couple things, I am the lead Magento developer for a Fortune 200 company. We host our production servers with a datacenter but we manage the servers ourselves. We also have AWS boxes we manage ourself for lower environments. 


We use CentOS and we also use RedHat. When you ask for "the best" it really is a matter of opinion. If you ask people "mac or PC" you will always have people that are pro PC and people that will only be pro Mac.


Have you read the white papers yet on Magento 2?


There are also several white papers for the Magento 1x series as well. 


You need to remember that Magento 2 just came out. There is a learning curve right now. Not everything is documented but it is being worked on (see I have seen a lot of people and hosting companies with very different setups. A lot of it is trial and error. 


Magento did just release a Dev Box (see I would check out how they set it up, do performance testing, replicate those settings on a test box to get a server up and running.


I will say I do prefer the CentOS over RedHat. 



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