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Best practices for managing 3000 + products

Best practices for managing 3000 + products



I have a website that is near to completion and I'm currently importing my products with a csv file. 

I am going to have over 3000+ products so I am wondering if anyone has any tips/best practices for workflows for how to manage such a big product catalogue. 




1) Should I have one master CSV file that has ALL 3000+ products in one table. Or should I have individual CSV files, for each category? 


2) There will just be me managing the website for the foreseeable in terms of order management/stock management/product listing updates etc - I have a feeling I will be having to update the CSV file(s) on a daily basis to reflect inventory status, special offers, price updates, new product lines etc. What is the best practice for this? 

Do I create a new CSV file every time I need to do a daily update, and have only the relevant products I need to work on in that CSV file? Or do I a create a new version of the master CSV file and update the necessary lines but then import all products again?


Is there anything I should be aware of or can prepare for? I am worried that there is going to be so much work to do each day just to keep on top of the products and make sure the website is always up to date. I just want to make sure I have a simple and organised workflow for maintaining everything.