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Blocks all missing


Blocks all missing

Hey, all.  I'm new to the Magento world, hoping for a little help ... running Magento 2.1.13, public site is here:


I just upgraded an extension, and somehow now all of the blocks are missing: banner, footer, etc.  I've cleared caches, re-compiled, disabled and re-enabled the theme, re-deployed static content.  


Any hints?  




Sam Nelson


Re: Blocks all missing

Hi @megan_tanney


Yes - sure will help you on the same !


Looking at the link you have shared  - it seems like all blocks are there - here at my end its showing correctly - can you please check in private window or another browser ?


Also its still not showing at your end - share screenshot for the same


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Re: Blocks all missing

Thank you!  Yes, still not showing the blocks in incognito window (or in a new Tor window, just to be sure nothing was cached).  Attaching what I'm seeing now (no banner) and the Google Cache shich shows the banner.screenshot_bad.pngscreenshot_good.png

Re: Blocks all missing

Figured it out.