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Bulk change stock from search.

Bulk change stock from search.

I'm new to Magento 2 as i have been using Magento 1 for the last 7 years.
I have a store with over 6000 items listed and when the developer uploaded my stock file the stock qty's were incorrect for roughly 500 of these products.

I know that on Magento 1 I could search each individual product through the Manage Products tab and search for the part numbers/sku of the products i wanted to change the inventory of and select multiple lines to update.

Now with Magento 2 when i search 1 product and select it that is fine, when i search for a second product it automatically selects everything that shows in the search but does not keep the previous product selected.  

How can i select these 500 products through searching for the part number/sku?
I cant sift through pages of 6000 products to select them that way like every video shows online as this would take forever and could end with me missing products.

>>>>> I DO NOT want to do this with a CSV upload.  <<<<<


any assistance would be appreciated  and TIA