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Cache invalidate

Cache invalidate

Hey Folks,


I have installed Meganto 2.1 on my windows machine. From my admin panel whenever I am doing any configuration, it is throwing me following error:


  • One or more of the Cache Types are invalidated: Configuration, Page Cache. Please go to Cache Management and refresh cache types.

When I go to Cache Management, "configuration" type cache is invalidated. 

Its happening very often. Please Help.

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Re: Cache invalidate



Simply disable cache if you are running Magento in development mode. Smiley Happy 

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Re: Cache invalidate

Previous answer is correct. You do that in admin pannel here:

2017-04-13 21_23_01-Cache Management _ Tools _ System _ Magento Admin.png

Afterwards click orange button (top right) "Flush magento cache".

Or you can achieve same thing via command line:

php bin/magento cache:disable
php bin/magento cache:flush