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Can not sort product listing. 2.1.11

Can not sort product listing. 2.1.11


I have the issue with showing my products in listing in order they were created in Admin add product section .ex, i have same product that comes in powder, liquid, tablet , wax. after creating the product , category listing show all products without proper sort. 

I like to show Powder followed by Liquid , etc , but now they are all mixed. 

In admin Category section > product in Category , i added sort number for position but that dose not seems to be doing much either. I was wondering if any one knows how to show products in a proper way on the listing . 



Re: Can not sort product listing. 2.1.11

Got it figured out. It was inheriting sort order from parent category where i added products to . after removing them from parent category , sort work fine. 

I could have added the same sort in parent category as well, but that means changing sort order in many location.