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Cannot configure email

Cannot configure email

I am very new to magento, but I have experience websites and networks, but I cannot figure this out.


I installed Magento using the Azure VM Build (so on Ubuntu). I have worked my way through a number of issues regarding upgrading and dependencies. But I am not able to configure my email setting to get them to work, or install extensions (an SMTP extension would fix this I think).


My email is all Office365 so I require SSL to send through SMTP, which isn't an option for Magento.


I have install ssmtp and configure it to use SSL and could get that to work.


I have also tried setting up an SMTP Relay to bypass the authentication but that also failed.

I was was wondering if anyone else has a similar setup to mine (Azure VM, Magento 2.1.1) and has been able to get set up there Office365 email with it.