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Cannot save products - please wait

Cannot save products - please wait

Hello - For some reason I cannot add products 


Its just saying please wait and nothing is happening , any suggestions..



My error log says


2016/05/08 11:10:12 [warn] 725#1374: [ngx_pagespeed] Rewrite http://ip/static/adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_US/Magento_Catalog/catalog/images/spinner.gif failed while fetching http://IP/static/adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_US/Magento_Catalog/catalog/images/spinner.gif

Re: Cannot save products - please wait

I have the same issue. However, I tried using Safari and it worked fine.


Must be some cache issue or browser issue. I did try clearing my cache though.. did not try clearing my cookies.