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Cart Price Rule:Buy One Get One

Cart Price Rule:Buy One Get One

I have a question about the cart price rule-coupon for "buy one get one". The functionality I want is for a customer to buy a certain amount of a product, enter the coupon code, and then get a free separate product. Every time I've tried this it didn't work. I was able to discount the product that was originally entered, but I couldn't add an "add-on" product if you will. Is there a way to get this functionality using the "buy one get one" coupon?


Re: Cart Price Rule:Buy One Get One

Hi @dorzech7


There are 2 options for you here. The first one is more complicated and less automated, while the second one will work flawless but it requires a plugin.


1) You can find detailed info here:

2) You can install this extension, and it will do the rest


Hope that helps!

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