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Cart URL with preset products


Cart URL with preset products

Hello Magento Buddies!
I am a newbie of this CMS and I am studing the potential that Magento can offer.

I want to know if it was possible to bring the customer through a link to a cart with products already set by me.
The idea is to send a newsletter with the description of certain products and the direct link to checkout page with the cart already present those products.

Is this possible via URL / settings or with a specific plugin?
I'm trying to find something online but maybe I'm not using the appropriate search keys...


Thank you in advance for your reply and availability!


Re: Cart URL with preset products

Hello @marco_trevisan


you have two possible solution




1) solution you don't need any module, 2) you need to buy extension for that.


If it will help you then mark as solution.

Re: Cart URL with preset products

Hi Sunil!

Yes, the first option is an excellent free version alternative solution of my problem.
Thank you! Smiley Very Happy