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Configurable Product with multiple attributes

Configurable Product with multiple attributes



I am trying to set up configurable products in a new sandbox Magento2 environment.


I have a product with 2 variations.  There are 2 colors and 2 materials, but not every combination is available.


One item is Pink with Leather, and the Other is Green with Stainless Steel.


When I set up the Configurable Product with Associated products that are not individually visible, then test from the User view, only the first attribute has options.  So the user selects the color first, but then the dropdown box for material has no options, and the user cannot proceed.


Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Thank you


Re: Configurable Product with multiple attributes



So to confirm you have a configurable product where a customer have to select both a colour and material. 

- You have 2 colours - Pink and Green

- You have 2 materials - Leather and Stainless Steel

- Pink only available with Leather

- Green only available with Stainless Steel



Did you use the automatic generation of the variants when creating the configurable? Or have you manually added simple products to the configurable? Maybe share a screenshot with your setup? 

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Re: Configurable Product with multiple attributes

I found a useful blog that may help you to solve your problem 

You can try it: