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Configurable product - Update price

Configurable product - Update price



I use Magento 2.1.0 and have a question about Configurable products. 

After creating a configurable product with configurations and prices, everything is working. When I want to update the price, I can update it for particular configuration and the price change on the front-end --> OK.


But the genral product price is disabled (I can't edit it), and the probem is that this field is displayed in the backend on list of products. 

So if a configurable product is created with 90$ and after changed to 80$, in the backend I have 90$ displayed in the list. It's not really easy to manager prices with this information.


Do you understand what I mean ? Is it possible to update general price on configuration product ? Where to do that (just remove the "disabled='true' on the HTML is enough).


Thank you for your help



Re: Configurable product - Update price



If I'm not mistaken, in Magento 2.x the logic of configurable product pricing has been changed. Basically, the price of parent configurable product is being ignored (as actually parent item itself has never been purchased), only the price of simple products are necessary to set.

So you need to update only the price of associated child goods. Here is also the article with more detailed explanation on this topic -

Hope this helps.


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Re: Configurable product - Update price

Thank you for your response.

I understand what you mean, and you're right, in front end it's the children's price that is displayed. But my problem is in backend. Here are my configurable products : 



The lowest price in my childs products for SKU "swe272" is 80 because we changed that after the creation of product, and now in the backend it's still the general price that is displayed.


Can I maybe change the admin code to allow the update of general price ? But I dont' know where to do that. 


Here is what I have to change (delete disabled=true) : 




Thanks in advance for your help

Best regards 

Re: Configurable product - Update price



I am also looking for this same solution.

Did you get the solution as above?


I also want to make price field editable for configurable products.


Please suggest me if you get solution.


Thanks in advance.

Re: Configurable product - Update price

I have no solution for the Magento 2 backoffice but you can edit the configurable product price with my app.



It makes sense that the field is disabled in Magento 2 but as you said, the price displayed in the backend can't be updated. if we follow the Magento logic, the price shouldn't be displayed in the grid in the backend as it doesn't reflect the actual price of the configurable product. The displayed price should be based on the price the price of the associated simple products. It shouldn't display the "price" attribute.


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