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Configuring a two part product

Configuring a two part product


I'm trying to build a product that is composed of 2 products and each product has different sizes.

Let's use a bikini set as an example.

I'm trying to achieve something similar to this:

But i'm not sure how to make the text swatch attributes work in a bundled product.


I don't want to build a product for each combination (xs-xs, xs-s, xs-m, xs-l, s-xs etc.. because i need to manage the quantity for each separate product.

I want to have 8 simple products, and make the combinations in the configurable product - like in the link.


Hope you can help me with configuring and understanding that kind of product. 





Re: Configuring a two part product



Well, in case you do not want to create each variation to make sure that you have enough level of inventory for top and bottom size, you can use custom options. They are much easier to create and you can select between drop-down or radio button, though stock cannot be tracked with them. Here is also the article with comparison between configurable and custom options for you to decide if any suits you.