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Coupon Code for free product

Coupon Code for free product



I would like to set a Shopping Cart Price Rule that says when you have a minimum order value of 20 € you get a product for free!

But I can't figure out how to set up the rule. How do I select a specific product for this rule and is it possible to get it automatically in our cart, without beeing selected by the customer? A extension free solution would be great!


kind regards



Re: Coupon Code for free product

I feel for you.

This should be dead easy.

That's exactly what I would like to achieve.

I thought I had all the possible boxes ticked and everything accounted for and then I get "Coupon code is XYZ not valid" in my shopping cart.

I see this question asked over and over, but no simple instructions or a process on how to resolve.

Unfortunately lots of expert speak that the majority cannot understand.

Anybody seen an instruction manual or quality tutorials for v1.9.2.1 or abouts?


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