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Creating Tax Classes

Creating Tax Classes


We are dealing in different products having different type of Taxes.

In Magento configuration I found only Taxable Class.

If I select Taxable Class then how to configure the product to have spefic tax rate or is there any option to create multiple Tax Classes for example :

Software Products attract 2 taxes

Electronic goods attract single tax


Hence when I add product which falls under Electronic Product, I should be able to select Tax Class applicable but as of now only Taxable Class is available.


Please help....


Re: Creating Tax Classes

Hi @cmpugay,


Maybe you can use the oficcial user guide (is for 2.0 but it will work for this case). here you'll find several links:

The last option is PDF User Guide. Into that document on page 810 you'll find the Taxes section.


Also, you can check this video or this blog posts:

My recomendation is to start with the official documentation and then, if you need, get more insights with those links.

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Re: Creating Tax Classes



Yes by default Magento offers only one tax class which is Taxable Class. But you can always create a new class as you require.


Following the given steps below to create a new class


1.login as admin>taxes->tax rules on add new tax rule button

4.a page to create a new rule is opened. Here you will find a setting namely “Additional setting”.Expand this setting.

5.You can see a label “Product Tax Class” and a button namely “add new tax class” associated with it.Click on this button to create a new tax class.

6.Click on “save rule”. You will notice that the new class you had made is shown on the “Product Tax Class” list.


This was how you can make a new class. Now you can proceed with creating a new tax rule and tax rate.

Now to solve your problem which was to assign different tax rates to different product categories just create a new tax rate and associate this with a new tax rule. Then associate this new tax rule with the newly created tax class.


The next time when you will assign this new tax class to any product you see that different tax rate is changed.


Hope this was helpful