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Cross Domain Canonical (Technical SEO)

Cross Domain Canonical (Technical SEO)

Hello everyone,


I've been researching for a while now, but I'm getting nowhere. I hope someone can help me.

The initial situation: We have 3 online shops.


Online shop 1: 90,000 products --> By far the most SEO power

Online shop 2: 60,000 products

Online shop 3: 40,000 products



- Products from online shop 2 are listed in 1

- Products from online shop 3 are listed in 2 and 1


Product listings are almost identical, so we have the problem of duplicate content. At the moment, each product refers to itself.


We would like to set a different focus for each online shop. Creating unique content is not possible.

I would like to implement cross domain canonical tags to signal to Google which is the canonical URL.

Now to my question. Where in Adobe Commerce can this be done?


I can only find the setting options: 


"Use the canonical link meta tag for products"

"Use the canonical link meta tag for category"


However, I would like to decide for myself where the canonical tag is referenced.

What options are there here in Adobe Commerce / AEM Sites?


Best regards Robin


Re: Cross Domain Canonical (Technical SEO)

There is no out-of-the-box solution for your specific needs that you can just configure in administration.


What you're asking for requires some custom programming, but nithing an experienced agency couldn't deliver relatively easily. 

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