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Currency Conversions

Currency Conversions

I have a Magento 2.3 site where I want to implement currency conversion, but I'm struggling to understand the process after reading a lot of guides.


All the guides I read talk about setting the rates, which I understand, via stores>>currency>>currency rates


We have a site with 4 stores, English GBP, USA $, German Euro and Australian $


I understand how to set the rates, but I don't understand how these rates are applied to products.


Currently, all our products have individual prices set per store view.


So for example, on the UK store view it might be set to £100, and on USA $200


If instead I wanted to automatically set the price on USA, how would I actually achieve this after setting the currency rates? Ive tried simply ticking 'use default value', but that just uses the UK price (default), and no conversion is done.  


If anyone could advise how products should be setup to implement conversions that would be great, as every guide only refers to the currency conversion side of things.


Thank you.



Re: Currency Conversions


You need to set up the currency for different store views.
So that, when you switch the store, the product price will automatically get switched.
You need to remove the default selected option.


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Re: Currency Conversions

Hello @Sanjay Jethva 


@makeusawebsite  wants a different price for USA and UK so need to create a different website for currency. the only store is not working.



Please create a different site and set the product prices.


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Re: Currency Conversions

Magento does not allow setting a per-store price. You can do this on a per-website basis following below step.

To do so, you need to go to


Then in the tab "Price", set price scope to Website instead of global.
On the product edit page, you can then set the scope on the upper left side of your website and then enter a per website price.
Magento does not allow setting a per-store price. However, there are some extensions that will allow you a per store price

I hope it will help you.

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