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Difficuties on Ranking up pages (SEO)

Difficuties on Ranking up pages (SEO)

Hello guys, we are from Acontece Tecnologia and i'm an intern in the company that i've working for some months, we have created a multi-store platform for our business, but now with every store created, we're having a lot of headache on ranking up our stores, we tried to focus on SEO Extensions and some tactics to rank up our pages, but without success. Is there some crucial tips that i'm forgetting? am i using the extensions incorrecly? i'm using these Amasty extensions:


- Google Page Speed Optimizer

- SEO HTML Sitemap

- SEO Meta Tags Templates

- SEO Rich Data

- SEO Single URL

- SEO Toolkit

- SEO Cross Linking


Are these extensions good enough to help we rise our rank? or do i need to follow another steps to get a better results?


Re: Difficuties on Ranking up pages (SEO)

From a technical perspective, I think that you've covered a lot of your bases, but there are other important factors. These relate to original (high-quality) content, unique high-quality backlinks, and other overarching SEO factors. Just following technical best practices will not get you ranking above competitors with more relevant backlinks and better content. 


There are other factors, like speed, that can contribute to your rankings. Feel free to check out for a free Time To First Byte (TTFB) speed test.


If you're looking to learn about the wide range of SEO factors that could be impacting your rankings, check out .


There are also a wide range of free SEO tests that you may want to run, like, which can give you additional insights.


Best of luck!

Re: Difficuties on Ranking up pages (SEO)

As @Robert Rand says, there's a lot more to SEO than just a solid technical foundation.


Let's assume you have that covered, then the next two "pillars of SEO" are: content and links.


When it comes to content, it needs to be useful to people and search engines need to make sense of it. If you have little authority, and you're targeting high competition queries then you'll often find yourself stuck on page 2+. Even if you have the best content.


That's where links come in: links work as votes for your site. The more votes from reliable, relevant sites the better.


I'd be happy to take a look for you if you could share your site's URL and the queries you're targeting.

I've been in Digital Marketing since 2005, mostly focused on content marketing and SEO.

Re: Difficuties on Ranking up pages (SEO)

@Robert Rand Ah yes, i'll take a look into these tools considering the tips you gave, thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Difficuties on Ranking up pages (SEO)

@Steven van Vessum Hmm... interesting, thanks for the tips, here's the URL of our brazilian website:


Keywords that we're targeting: projetor epson, projetores epson, projetor marca epson, comprar projetor epson, projetor epson preço


Re: Difficuties on Ranking up pages (SEO)

I've taken a quick look and see that you have only one referring domain to your site, so I'm 99% sure that's the issue — Google isn't seeing any reason why they should rank you higher than you do right now.


So I'd focus on increasing your authority through winning links to your site. Here are some tips to get you started:

I've been in Digital Marketing since 2005, mostly focused on content marketing and SEO.

Re: Difficuties on Ranking up pages (SEO)

Sounds good you are facing difficulties about rank a website or page on google there are maybe some issues due to you failed to rank a page. if your website is regarding affiliate marketing then firstly you will check affiliate marketing backlinks because off-page SEO also very matter in SEO. i will suggest you make high authority backlinks and natural links for your website and make a proper plan on it then apply it and see the results. Thanks

Re: Difficuties on Ranking up pages (SEO)

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