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Discount Rules: I want them applied to base price

Discount Rules: I want them applied to base price

Hi all,

We want to run a promotion where if you buy 1 product you get 35% off  - 2 you get 40% off -  and 3 you get 45% off. We can place banners etc to show this promo.

I can set this up with Shopping Cart rules (using 3 separate rules).

The issue is that the user doesn't see the discount until they get to the Cart.

Before that, they just see the regular price.

We thought about applying a Special Price, so that users will see the 1st product already discounted 35% ($100 $65).

But if I apply a Shopping Cart Rule to say " If 2 products in Cart, then apply a 40% discount", it will apply the 40% discount  to the Special Price, not the base price of $100. So in the cart it will take 40% off the $65.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to achieve this? With rules, pricing or an extension? It seems fairly simple but we can't figure it out!

Many thanks,

Olive Page











Re: Discount Rules: I want them applied to base price

I don't know how to apply discounts to original price rather than special price, but could you change your rule for 2 products discount to bump the 35% discount up to 40% rather than applying an additional 40%. 


So, using special price, all products have a 35% discount. The rule would then give a further 7.6% discount which will be the same as giving 40% off the original, e.g. 


100*(1-0.35)*(1-0.076923) = 60


Then you would need to calculate the third tier discount using the same approach. 

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Re: Discount Rules: I want them applied to base price

Many thanks for this. The number works, and increases the 35% discount to 40%.

The issue I now have is that the customer sees the Coupon Code label saying "40% off!", but the dollar discount showing on the right shows as 7.6% off the discounted price.

So the customer sees e.g. "Discount: - $20" when they are actually saving maybe $100 off the base price.

I think it's like trying to force a square peg into a round hole!


Many thanks for your suggestion and it does work, although it throws up another seemingly unsolvable problem.

Regards, Oliver