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Editing font colours in my website and other editing

Editing font colours in my website and other editing

Hi guys

 I've just launched a half completed Magento site which is based on Magento 2.1, I'm running a theme called Porto but I'm having some issues tweaking the site font colours ot my liking, I'm a reletive beginner so I'll start with the first problem.

The little drop down "Mini-cart" or whatever you call it above at the top of my site, it needs to be in BLACK text but instead it is WHITE, the background colour is WHITE so obviously customer cannot see the font colour, if I select all the text shows as such, the text NEEDS to be BLACK, whats the first step in editing this bit?


My website is called KitGoGo and is based on a template, the main issues are the font colours for now and after that its images not autoscaling etc, I've had my payment installation installed (Worldpay) by a 3rd party whom I paid the fee on top for an installation when purchasing the license for the extension, the payment processor is Worldpay.



My question, what's the first step in editing these font colours and can it be done individually? I have full admin access and FTP and to be honest my web developer isn't much savvy to this and am a bit short cashed to hire a fulltime developer when such a little tweaking needs to be done, so any help would be appreciated


Re: Editing font colours in my website and other editing

Hi AwesomeKit,


In answer to your first question you need to make the edits in a file that overrides the parent theme. Assuming you are a little familiar with the theme structure....Do you have:-


"Your theme" --> web --> css --> source --> _theme.less


If so add this to it:-

.product-item-details .product-item-name a {
color: #000000;

.price-excluding-tax .price {
color: #000000 !important;


You'll need to clear your cache, flush static content and refresh indexes but that'll change the minicart titles to black as requested.


For the second part I am not following. What needs doing?