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Exporting products to csv but WITH ANOTHER SEPARATOR


Exporting products to csv but WITH ANOTHER SEPARATOR

Hello All,


SO i am going to upgrade from 2.02 to the newest magento and i , again , find myself locked in a problem with importing and exporting products.


My first ever used solution was to simply input all the products again by hand in the new store (2.02) but now i am going to 2.1 and i hoped that the problems would be solved. I am saddened it has not been fixed.


I keep on getting "Wrong URL/path used for attribute additional_images" , i understand now that it is caused by my use of comma;s in text fields in additional attributes. and maybe the use of _ and or spaces in my pictures.


So the best thing to do, i think, is to change the separator which is used by magento. this way i can import it in excel without it getting a messy file and change picturenames in an easy way.


Anyone know where to do this ? i tried sniffing around at the vendor/magento/module-import-export/ dir, but couldnt find it in an easy way.





Re: Exporting products to csv but WITH ANOTHER SEPARATOR

Offcourse if anyone has another way to export the whole products db and import it again into 2.1 i am listening :-)


I tried also to just put the DB tables (products) from the old (2.01) DB into the new one, but sadly the DB scheme is different between 2.02 and 2.1


Re: Exporting products to csv but WITH ANOTHER SEPARATOR



This is definitely not recommended to restore db tables on newer version, due to structure differences it might cause issues. The correct way to move data is import/export.


You can try export/import of products using Store Manager for Magento application. It allows you to select delimiters to be used in file during export and then during import. You can download 14-day fully-functional version of the software from the link in my signature.


By the way, moving product data you also need to take care about having the same attribute sets and attributes in your target Magento, so the software can cope with this task as well. Here is tutorial on moving data with the tool -


Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Re: Exporting products to csv but WITH ANOTHER SEPARATOR



So the basic problem was ; not possible to import products INTO 2.1 FROM 2.0.2


I made it work and somethings might sound silly could be faulty so its your own risk, first make backups.


-Export the csv file FROM your old magento install

-Export your pics from /pub/media/catalog/product  (But NOT the /pub/media/catalog/product/cache dir)

-copy all directorys after "products": dir  towards the new site dir /var/importexport/[and here the dirs from products]

so if you now look at your /var/importexport dir it would like something like;

/var/importexport/1/[a lot of file]

/var/importexport/3/[a lot of file]

/var/importexport/6/[a lot of file]

/var/importexport/a/[a lot of file]




Make in your new install EXACTLY the same product attributes as in your old install, just copy them by hand



open your csv file in excel or ooo, open with comma divided AND " as tekst divider


Your csv file is defective, take a look at colomn additional_images; it needs to say /dir/picname.jpg,/dir/picname.png

Somehow i had to much or to less comma's sometimes even like ,/dir/picnam.png  or ,dir/picname/dir/pciname 

The same goes for additional_images_label.


Fix it, just sort it, replace all ,,/ to / etc.etc.


Find any other pics that are NOT png or jpg; gifs give problems somehow, replace the pics with png (dont forget to replace them into the importexport dir....)


Now you can import your file , your import directory wil be var/importexport

do not stop at error 

and place the errorcounter to a higher number then your products (with me it was 20000)


If it fails, it gives the possibility to download an error report, this you should do; it is "whats left to import" and can be used again to import.


if it is nagging about pics, look if the pic really exist..... usually it is none existent


you will see the products will be there AND your attributes wil be there.


now i got used to the small to these problems i can now export an old install to a new install in about an hour.


if you have additional info just place it under this item. If i had this info long time ago i wouldn't be so frustrated :-)