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FedEx Shipping Module not returning negotiated rates


FedEx Shipping Module not returning negotiated rates



We are setting up our first M2 store and in the process of setting/testing our shipping methods.

We have enabled both UPS and FedEx shipping methods.  When we send a request for shipping rates, we get exact expected negotiated rates back from UPS, but only getting 'List Price Rates' back from FedEx.  We are expecting our negotiated rates.


We have applied for production meter, key, etc.  We have entered all account number, passcode, meter, key, etc accurately.  It is still only returning 'List Rates' to us.  We contacted FedEx and they see that the query they are receiving from us is for 'List Rates' and not negotiated.


We then went in and made slight modification to the module-fedex\Model\Carrier.php file to remove and reference to 'List Rates' and only have this now:


protected $_ratesOrder = [


We, refreshed CACHE and well, it is still returning List Rates.


Does anyone have any idea of how to fix this so it returns and shows FedEx Negotiated Rates?


Thanks in advance for your help and advice.


Best Regards,