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Find log in detail

Find log in detail

Hello community!

I'm Yohei from Dogood. We produce dry fruits from Africa and sell to the EU and US.

The problem is that we haven't been to able to log in our Magento backend account for 4weeks. We tried to call Magento office in UK and US but unfortunately they cannot help us (Because we used the free Magento platform), so they introduced this community to me. The reason why we cannot find the password is that one of our colleague who was taking care of our IT part passed away 2 month ago. We depended on him a lot and non of us has knowledge about IT and  we can not access his email address as well (because he never gave that info to us).  


note: Although I could log in Magento after our colleague passed away for 4 weeks by one of our side account, we have two side accounts and one main, but now we cannot get into the side accounts for some reason. I think one of the reason why Magento blocked it, is that I gave side account detail to some developer for checking up our backend. And now Magento blocked everything. So we cant get into the side accounts because its blocked AND we dont have the password of the main account. So we are trying to find out how we can get these password now. Is there anyone that can help us with this problem?


Thank you,

Greeting Yohei


Re: Find log in detail

Hi Yohei,


I'm very sorry to hear that your colleague passed away.


If you have access to the e-mail account that he associated with his Magento login, and if you have the Forgot Password feature enabled, you may be able to reset his password that way.


If not, you'd need access to update it through your hosting account. Here's an existing thread here on these forums that includes details that will be applicable if you're on Magento 2:


Best of luck!