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Force Universal Pricing

Force Universal Pricing

Hello guys,
Could you plz tell me, if the "Force Universal Pricing" feature exists in Magento 2 ? if yes, where could I read about it in details, and how to enable/disable it?
Thank you!


Re: Force Universal Pricing

Hi @yurii_sokolov ,


There is no out of the box magento functionality available for this requirement but alternate solution is Marketing => Catalog price rule.


Create a new rule apply it to all customer groups and not logged in customer groups and also select specific website.

No need to add any condition in conditions tab.

Select "Adjust final price to discount value" option in Actions tab and you can add specific price in discount amount like 10 that you want to display for all products.

Save the rule and refresh the cache and check on front-end.


Problem solved? Click Accept as Solution!


Hope it helps!


Ankit Jasani

Re: Force Universal Pricing

Hello @yurii_sokolov 


Can you please explain more about your requrinment? if possible then please give some examples so that I can help you.

Re: Force Universal Pricing

Hello @yurii_sokolov,


Are you still finding in solution? if then, can you explain about it? What you mean the universal pricing here? like, is that same currency apply to all items example; USD


Best regards