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Help: Cannot install extensions


Help: Cannot install extensions


Looking for some advise regarding installing extensions on Magento 2. 


I can't seem to get passed the readiness check whenever I try to install an extension. 



Re: Help: Cannot install extensions

Looks like you have missing php extensions.


Kindly open your php.ini and check whatever required extension is disabled kindly enabled it.


Also the extension you are going to install ,kindly check its technology stack requirement , it is required by specific library which you manually needs to enabled or install from php.ini


so install/enable missing php extension and then you are easily install this extension.

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Re: Help: Cannot install extensions


Hi Joe,


Is this a fresh Magento 2 installation and you are trying to install an extension on it?


In case your answer is yes, can you make sure you have all the cron setup and they are working.


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