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How can I find the system options

How can I find the system options

Hi there, 


I have an admin login to a magento account, while i want to install the salesforce connector, but i can not see any system option or configuration option.


attached, you will see all options, available.


The actual version is CE


What do I have to do to get full access to the system options?


Thanks in advance




Re: How can I find the system options

Hi @wittenra,



Personally, I don't recommend installing packages through the Magento Connect manager. You should always review the code before installing what you need to install on the platform.


One way to do this is by copying and pasting the extension key from Magento Connect on this website:


By doing that, you will be able to direct download the extension/language pack code and review it. Then you just have to install the extension like any other extension.



Best regards.

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Re: How can I find the system options

Hi @wittenra,


It seems that your user hasn't full access to Magento.


Área de trabajo 1_013.png


The System menu is missing on your screenshot. Inside that option you you'll see Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager. That's the place where you'll find the options to add modules through MagentoConnect.


As @Gabriel Guarino said, using the Magento Connect Manager with a LIVE store isn't the best way to add modules. Do it in that way only if you're pretty sure what you're doing.

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